School Zone Maps

  • We developed maps for each school to help families understand how all transportation works around the school, whether it is bus, walk, bike, or drive. On the map, you will see bus zones, blue zones, crossing guards, sidewalks, and accessible parking spaces. You'll also see a designation on the map called "park and walk." This denotes a street where families can park their car and walk their student to the school. 

    Additional maps are in development for those schools who do not yet have a link below. We will continue to refine these maps so that families clearly understand how students and vehicles are arriving, circulating, and departing from our schools. With clear and concise information shared with families, we believe we can increase the safety of our transportation.

    Angier map (PDF download)

    Bowen map (PDF download)

    Burr map (PDF download)

    Cabot map (PDF download)

    Countryside map (PDF download)

    Franklin map (PDF download)

    Horace Mann map (PDF download)

    Lincoln-Eliot map (PDF download)

    Mason-Rice map (PDF download)

    Memorial-Spaulding map (PDF download)

    Peirce map (PDF download)

    Underwood map (PDF download)

    Ward (PDF download)

    Williams map (PDF download)

    Zervas map (PDF download)

    Bigelow map (PDF download)

    Brown map (PDF download)

    Day map (PDF download)

    Oak Hill map (PDF download)

    North map (PDF download)

    South map (PDF download)