• Math and Computer Science Course Registration

    New Students

    All new students should contact our school registrar. Once your paperwork has been completed, you will be invited to take a math placement test with the mathematics department chair. This is usually coordinated as students register, but we also hold specific testing dates in May and June (dates TBD and will be posted here) when the majority of our new students are registering. If you have questions about our course offerings, please contact the math department chair.

    Incoming Freshmen

    Students coming from Brown and Oak Hill will receive recommendations from their current math teachers. Please refer to our course information pages for more details about the differences in pathways and the supports that the various pathways provide for students as they build their student, problem solving and mathematical skills. Students entering honors are expected to have very strong problem solving skills, so they are ready to tackle new topics almost immediately. As we move to other pathways, the level of review and support in developing problem solving skills increases. Most of the students in the honors and accelerated track will have the opportunity to study calculus as seniors. Students in ACP and CP will leave NSHS with a strong foundation in precalculus, and ready to tackle any college calculus class they choose to take.

    Current NSHS Students

    Registration occurs in March. Your current math teacher will talk with you about your options and provide you with a recommendation. In addition to recommendations, teachers may say they will "Review in June". This means that they are waiting to see how you do in term 3 and 4 before making a final recommendation.

    For sophomores, the choices are straight forward. Juniors have many more options as they are preparing for senior year. Please look at the course information page, and talk to your current math teacher about your options, their pre-requisites, and what they think would be a good option for you. You may also talk with the math department chair about broader questions.

    Computer Science Recommendations

    Incoming freshmen and any upperclassman can register for Intro to Computer Programming (650) on their own. Recommendations for other computer science classes come from your current math or computer science teachers.