• Overview of Computer Science Curriculum

    Our computer science curriclum was developed by instructors within our department to meet the interest of our students, and to match the needs of the evolving STEM work place. Students in our programs learn Swift and with some additional study, strong computer science students are able to successfully complete the AP Computer Science exam. 

    All computer science courses meet two times a week. Courses that are marked as "honors" are given that designation because of the amount of work students are required to complete outside of class. ACP Students can still access the honors curriculum with differentiated support. These are project based courses, and as a student advances through the curriculum, they will gain skills in project development, time management, long term planning, and collaboration. 

  • Computer Science Course Sequence

    Computer science courses should be taken in the following order....

    Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (650)
    This course offers an introduction to the basic concepts of computer programming. It is a good way to learn the basics while discovering if pursuing computer science further is something that interests you. 

    Introduction to Programming and Computer Science (652)
    This course is a continuation of concepts learned in 650.
    10th -12th grade students can take it as a first year computer science course with math teacher recommendation.
    Incoming 9th grade students with prior programming experience should contact the department chair for more information about starting with this course. 

    Advanced Programming with Swift (656) - continuation of the sequence

    Introduction to iOS Programming with Swift (658) - continuation of the sequence

    Please see the program of studies for more detailed course descriptions

    If you need help determining what class you should be registering for, please talk with your counselor, current math teacher, or the department chair. 

  • Technology Requirements

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