• Overview of the Mathematics Curriculum

    At Newton South, we use the Common Core (CC) Integrated Curriculum in our math sequence.

    Why? Studies show that integrated math instruction positively impacts mathematics achievement. Integrated math courses help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and an appreciation for the relevance of these concepts to the real world. 

    What does this mean for our math students? This means that rather than separate algebra and geometry classes, during freshmen and sophomore year most students cover a combination of algebra and geometry topics that are interwoven together. This allows for students to make unique connections, and review key content and skills as appropriate. 

    Below are the descriptions of the 4 math pathways offered in our department. Included are flow charts to help you see what your child will learn during their 4 years with is, as well as a reference to which common core curriculums are covered in each course. Here are the links to the common core outlines, if you are interested in more specifics about the topics covered in each course. 

    CCSS Integrated Math I  |  CCSS Integrated Math II  |  CCSS Integrated Math III  |  CCSS Precalculus

  • Pathways of Math Courses

    Honors Curriculum

    Designed for students with strong problem solving, independent learning, and collaboration skills. In order to successfully complete one or two semesters of college calculus (AP Courses) before leaving NSHS , students needs to learn at an accelerated pace, while still engaging in deep critical thinking exercises.

    Math 1 Honors (601)
    (covers CCSS I and CCSS II)

    Math 2 Honors (602)
    (covers CCSS III)


    Precalculus Honors (603)(covers CCSS Precalculus)

    AP BC Calculus (604)

    AP AB Calculus (608)

    AP Statistics (605)

    ACP Accelerated Curriculum

    Designed for students with developing problem solving, independent learning and collaboration skills. In contrast with honors, this pathway includes more necessary review and more scaffolded development of these critical thinking skills. By their senior year, strong accelerated students will be able to successfully complete one semester of college calculus (AP AB Calculus or Introduction to Calculus) and all others will leave with a strong foundation in trigonometry and precalculus.

    Math 1 Acc (611)
    (covers CCSS I)

    Math 2 Acc (612)
    (covers CCSS II)

    Math 3 Acc (613)
    (covers CCSS III along with some CCSS Precalc topics)

    AP AB Calculus (608)

    Intro to Calculus (618)

    Precalculus Acc (614)
    (covers CCSS Precalc)

    Precalc/Stats (616)
    (1 semester each)

    AP Statistics (605)

    Advanced College Prep (ACP) Curriculum

    Designed for students who are starting their development in problem solving, independent learning and collaborative skills. The ACP pathway includes strong scaffodling for building math and student skills, more review of key concepts and skills as introduction to new topics, and an emphasis on collaborative learning and creating a supportive math learning community. All students in the ACP pathway will leave South with a strong foundation in trigonometry and precalculus. 

    Math 1 ACP (621)
    (covers CCSS I)

    Math 2 ACP (622)
    (covers CCSS II)

    Math 3 ACP (623)
    (covers CCSS III)

    Precalc/Stats (616)
    (1 semester each)

    Precalculus ACP (624)
    (covers CCSS Precalc, mixed level class with Precalc CP)

    College Prep (CP) Curriculum

    Designed for students with developing algebra skills who need in depth and targetted review of specific skills and topics in their freshmen and sophomore year. These students receive strong structures to help them build their student and math skills, and learn in a smaller classroom setting which allows more one on one time with the teacher, and more individualized support. There are many pathways through the CP curriculums. The two most common pathways are marked with red and blue asterix. 

    Please note: We find that as CP students reach junior and senior year, they grow in their student skills significantly, and are often able to engage in ACP level work. As a result, our senior Precacluls course is a mixed level course where students will still receive CP supports and scaffolding, but will be learning alongside their ACP peers, with the options to challenge themselves on a topic by topic basis. (letter to CP parents)

    Foundations in Math (630)

    Algebra 1 (620)**
    (reviews Alg 1 and covers part of CCSS I)

    Math 1 CP (631)*
    (students who need more intense review)

    Math 2 CP (632)**
    (finishes CCSS I, and the MCAS topics from CCSS II)

    Math 3 CP (633)**
    (covers CCSS III)

    Math 4 (Precalc) CP*
    (covers CCSS Precalc, mixed level class with Precalc ACP)