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  • As of May of 2010,  bullying prevention legislation mandates reporting of all incidents of bullying both in and outside of school. And if, after an investigation, an allegation of bullying is found to be true, this will go in the aggressor's permanent record. To put it simply: if your actions are found to be deliberately and repeatedly targeting another individual (including in retaliation for something someone did to you), then your school will take disciplinary action.  

    Bullying is serious stuff and the Newton Public Schools is taking it seriously.

    As a high school student, you are a role model for your siblings, your peers, and others. More than ever, how you conduct yourself matters. How you treat others matters. The Newton Public Schools believes that a student's education extends beyond the classroom -- to the hallways, the bus, the locker room, the cafeteria and even online.  

    In recent years, there has been a lot of media coverage about bullying -- including the most extreme cases, is which kids were so desperate, lonely, and depressed after being bullied that they were driven to suicide. 

    We challenge you to consider these questions: 

    • What can I do to stop bullying? 
    • How will I reach out to kids in my school who might be targets? 
    • What can I do to make my school a place where everyone can feel accepted for who they are?  

Report Bullying Now

  • Report Bullying Now

    Before filing an incident report, we strongly encourage you to also explore other pages on this website to learn more about bullying prevention and intervention.

High School Web Resources

  • These links provide additional resources for high school students to learn more about and reflect on bullying prevention and cyberbullying. Note that we also include information on topics related to mental health, sexual orientation, and students with disabilities. We've done this because we know that kids who are "different" are often the target of bullying. 

    Please know that if you are a target of bullying for ANY REASON, or if you have ANY questions about your own or a friend's mental health situation, there are many adults in your own community to whom you can turn for help. No question is too trivial.  If you are worried about yourself or someone else, trust your gut. Find a parent, a teacher, or a counselor who will listen and advise. 

    These pages, geared to high school students, are here to provide additional resources on issues related to bullying prevention and intervention. Please consider that the information on these pages is by no means a complete compilation of what is available. It simply represents our top picks at this point in time. As our experiences, research and best practices change, so too will the content here.