PreK-Grade 5 Resources

  • Hi and welcome! Thank you for visiting this page. This page has information for preK and elementary age students to help you learn more about bullying behaviors and what you can do if you are a target (someone being bullied by another student), a bystander (someone who sees bullying happening but isn't being targeted directly) or an aggressor (someone who is being mean to another student on purpose).

    The Newton Public Schools believes that every person at school is part of making it a place that is safe and respectful for all students. This includes YOU. We are so proud of you for educating yourself about bullying and what you can do about this important issue.

Report Bullying Now

  • Report Bullying Now

    Before filing an incident report, we strongly encourage you to also explore other pages on this website to learn more about bullying prevention and intervention.

PreK-Grade 5 Web Resources

  • If you are a kid, please be sure to check with your parent/guardian before visiting these sites. Click on the title to link to the resources.