Bus Fee Information

  • Riding the bus is a safe and efficient way for your child to go to and from school. To encourage bus ridership, NPS aims to keep the bus fee reasonable for families. 

    Bus fees by grade level:

    • K-5th grade students – all students in grades K-5 do NOT pay a bus fee
    • 6th grade students – if you reside LESS than 2 miles from the school, you pay a fee of $350. If you reside MORE than 2 miles from the school, you do NOT pay a fee.
    • 7th – 12th grade students – all students in grades 7-12 pay the fee of $350 to ride the bus

    Please note that regardless of whether payment is required, all students must have a bus pass to ride the bus. When you register, payment will not be requested if you are not required to pay.

    Need to know your distance from the school? Visit the City of Newton website below.

    Find Your Distance

    There is a family cap of $700. This means that every family, no matter how many students, pays no more than $700 each year to utilize bus transportation.

    Families may apply for a fee waiver based on financial hardship so that no student is denied bus transportation. To apply, please fill out the financial assistance application form found in Aspen.