Bus Fee Information

  • Payment Update

    Invoices for bus pass will be issued shortly. Please watch your email for details.

    Riding the bus is a safe and efficient way for your child to go to and from school. To encourage bus ridership, NPS aims to keep the bus fee reasonable for families. K-5 students, regardless of distance from their school, ride the bus free of charge. A fee of $350, with a family cap of $700, is paid by all other students.* (see 6th grade note below.)

    Key points of information:

    • K-5th grade students – all students in grades K-5 do NOT pay a bus fee
    • 6th grade students – if you reside LESS than 2 miles from the school, you pay a fee of $350. If you reside MORE than 2 miles from the school, you do NOT pay a fee.
    • 7th – 12th grade students – all students in grades 7-12 pay the fee of $350 to ride the bus

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    There is a family cap of $700. This means that every family, no matter how many students, pays no more than $700 each year to utilize bus transportation.

    Families may apply for a fee waiver based on financial hardship so that no student is denied bus transportation. To apply, please fill out the financial assistance application.