1:1 Initiative Overview




    1:1 Parental/Guardian Agreement 

    Parents/Guardians and students are required to sign this document before a Chromebook will be given to the student. Download the Agreement. 



    We believe that technology tools when used appropriately can provide deeper conceptual knowledge and new ways of acquiring valuable skills. Though these are not the only uses, we recognize that technology can allow students to visualize content in new and unique ways, to more easily be creators of their own learning, and to demonstrate knowledge in authentic, meaningful and relevant formats. By incorporating technology into the classroom regularly and when appropriate to learning, we can better ensure students develop the skills necessary to be powerful and responsible users of the digital world we live in.


    By providing all students with the same device we accomplish a number of goals:

    • Access to technology in the classroom on demand at all times
    • Equitable access to technology in the classroom and at home for all students
    • Ease of on-the-fly management and troubleshooting by both IT staff, students, and teachers that might be more difficult if students were using many different devices

    We are excited to provide a dramatically different level of access to technology in your classrooms. When fully realized, the 1:1 initiative will nearly eliminate the need for advanced planning and sign-ups for labs and technology carts. The devices can be incorporated into lessons with greater ease, and used spontaneously when lessons take an unexpected turn where technology could provide an added lens on learning.


    We do not expect the devices to be used everyday. We do not expect immediate integration of the technology into your classes. We know this will be a learning process for all of us, and we hope and expect to grow together in figuring out new and productive ways to appropriately incorporate technology into the classroom.


    The possibilities are exciting. We look forward to providing you with an initial round of training as we begin the pilot in January, facilitating ways you can learn from each other, and engaging with you on this journey.


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