Chromebook 101

    Get to know the Lenovo 300e



    Chromebooks come with many advantages.  The device starts up in 8 seconds and automatically mounts to Google Drive.  For example, when students log in to their Chromebook they will automatically be synced with their Newton Google Drive account, able to access their documents within seconds.  Nothing is saved locally on a Chromebook - it is all saved on Google's servers in the cloud.  If a students device is stolen or lost, he or she can still access their schoolwork from another device. 

    The Lenovo 300e has even more unique features.  It is a 360 laptop, turning from a standard laptop to a tablet.  It also has touchscreen capabilities.  The screen is manufactured to handle a graphite pencil so students can write directly on the screen to take notes, create diagrams, or annotate documents. 

    We hope you appreciate that teachers will be able to plan lessons with more confidence knowing each student will have an identical computer.