General Questions

  • What does One-to-One (1:1) mean?

  • Why is NPS launching a 1:1 program?

  • What are the advantages of every student having a device?

  • How do you plan to limit student access to off-topic material (social media sites, messenger apps, games)?

  • Will certain website be blocked on the NPS network?

  • Will students be able to keep the devices over the summer?

  • May I purchase the Chromebook when my student graduates?

  • I am leaving the Newton Public Schools. What do I do with my device?

  • Is there a way to monitor or block what my child can access on his/her device?

  • My child has a laptop. Are they required to have this Chromebook?

  • What if I do not have internet access at home?

  • Are we required to pay anything for my child to receive a device?

Chromebook Logistical Questions

  • What if my student forgot his/her device?

  • What if my student has a problem with the hardware?

  • What if my student's device was damaged?

  • What if my student's device was stolen or lost?

  • Can my students access Google Drive files when offline?