Higher Education

  • College is becoming increasingly accessible and a new group of learners is able to tap into all of the great aspects of pursuing post-secondary education!  Check out some of the websites below to learn more about college.

    Fair Test
    -This site lists the colleges & universities that currently do not emphasize or in many cases, do not use SAT or ACT scores when considering admitting students to undergrad programs

    Mapping Your Future
    -Lots of links to explore careers and post-secondary education options as well as info on financial aid

    Think College!
    -Great info on college options for students with disabilities that may not have previously explored post-secondary education


     Differences between High School & College

    In High School

    In College

    The school identifies students with disabilities.

    The school protects a student’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

    The school district is responsible for evaluating and documenting the student’s learning disability.

    The student is responsible for providing current documentation of the disability to the college.

    The school automatically incorporates accommodations into the student’s daily schedule once a disability is documented.

    The student must request accommodations each time they are needed.

    The school modifies the educational programs.

    The college makes reasonable adjustments in instructional programs which do not alter the essential content or requirements of a course or program.

    Parents are advocates for their children

    Students are their own advocates.

    Special classes and placement must be available for students.

    Colleges are not required to provide special classes or programs for students with disabilities.

    Parents are notified and must give permission for any decisions regarding their son or daughter.

    Parents are not notified of services their son or daughter requests unless the student grants permission for that information to be released.

    An IEP meeting is held to determine placement and appropriate services.

    Students work with college professionals and instructors to determine if and what services are appropriate.

    The school provides assessment of disabilities.

    The school provides access to testing services which are accessible to persons without disabilities.