Community Forum

Talking to Children about Race: Why & How?

  • On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, Newton Public Schools hosted a forum entitled "Talking to Children About Race: Why & How?" The forum sought to provide families with tools and information on talking to children about race. During the evening, participants:
    • Reflected upon their own experiences around issues of race and racism
    • Shown the importance of early conversations with children on race
    • Received “how-to” help for guiding children and answering challenging questions
    • Were given resources available to help parents and families navigate the issues

    Did you miss the forum but are interested in potential follow up events and activities? Please click here to provide your contact information and indicate your areas of interest. 
    As a companion piece to the forum, we offer families the resources listed below. These resources are designed to help you begin the conversation with your children about race. We hope you find them to be informative and useful.