Online Resources

Grades K-2

    • - Reading instruction and reading games for students in Pre-K-1. It's hard to believe this site is free.
    • - Reading and listening activities for elementary age students.*
    • TumbleBook Library - Click on "stories." A large collection of stories from the Los Angeles Public Library. All grades.

Grades 3-5

Grades 6-8

    • Listening Activities - Designed for older students but pronunciation and listening activities could be used for students grades 4 and up.*
    • BrainPop -This site has some free sections to teach grammar. Look up "nouns" and watch the video. Grades 5-8.
    • Translation Site - Students can bookmark this site to translate words from English to their native language. Grades 3-12.
    • Interactive games and activities - Social Studies Games from Ben's Guide to the U.S Government. Grades 5-8.
    • Audio Comprehension - An audio concentration game for Grades 4-12.*
    • Homophone game - Match homophones in this concentration game.* Grades 4-8.



On-Line Resources

Grades 9-12

  • ELL Resources

    Online Dictionary/Thesaurus - If you need to look up a word, try this online resource. It includes pronunciation symbols and automated pronunciation of words.

    Dave’s ESL Cafe - You can find phrasal verbs, quizzes, a hint of the day, etc.

    Linguistic Differences - This website explains differences between English and other languages, including information about which sounds exist in English that do not exist in other languages, grammatical structures that are difficult for English learners with different native languages, etc.

    Grammar Quizzes (click here)

    College Related Websites

    TOEFL - TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. Most students who immigrate to the U.S. in high school usually take this test in addition to the SAT for college entrance.

    SAT - SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test and is one of the required tests for entrance into U.S. colleges/universities. It consists of a math/verbal component. Most students take the test during their junior/senior year of high school. The PSAT is a practice test that can be taken during sophomore year. There are also subject tests known as the SAT II test.

    ACT - The ACT test is similar to the SAT test and is widely accepted by most colleges in the United States.