Public Comment Policy

  • File: BEDH


    Revised June 2017 and supersedes all previous policies and guidelines. 

    All regular and special meetings of the School Committee shall be open to the public. Executive sessions will be held only as prescribed by the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    The School Committee desires citizens of the District to attend its meetings so that they may become better acquainted with the operations and the programs of our local public schools. In addition, the Committee would like the opportunity to hear public comment.

    To ensure the ability of the School Committee to conduct the District's business in an orderly manner, the following rules and procedures are adopted:

    1. At the start of each regularly scheduled School Committee meeting, citizens will sign in for an opportunity to speak during      public comment. 

    2. Speakers will be allowed three (3) minutes to present their material. The presiding Chair may permit extension of this            time limit.

    3. Topics for discussion should be limited to those items within the School Committee’s scope of responsibility.

    4. Improper conduct will not be allowed. Defamatory or abusive remarks are always out of order. If a speaker persists in            improper conduct or defamatory or abusive remarks, the Chairperson may terminate that speaker’s privilege of address.

    5. All public comment will be addressed through the Chairperson of the meeting.

    6. Written comments longer than three (3) minutes may be presented to the Committee before or after the meeting for the          Committee members’ review and consideration at an appropriate time.