• Communicating With Families Who Need Language Assistance 
    Public schools have a legal obligation to provide parents of English learners with school information in a language they can understand. Below are resources for schools and families.
    Home Communication Templates - These templates are to be used by teachers to help parents understand documents that are going home Please click on the links below to see what documents are available. Many are language reduced versions of documents teachers send home. Staple the language reduced version to the original. This is great for family members who speak English but their reading skills are still developing.  
    You will see a variety of templates to help communicate information on school meetings, health, field trips.  We welcome your feedback if you have ideas for templates. You may want to consider using the English templates as a way to orient the parent about the purpose of the form going home.
    Interpreting/Translating Document Request Parents of English learners are entitled to meaningful communication in a language they can understand through translated materials or a language interpreter.  Go to this link to learn more about how to request an interpreter or to get a document be translated.
    Parent Liaisons -  Parent liaisons assist parents and schools communicate with regard to culturally sensitive issues. They are not to be used for regularly scheduled parent teacher conferences or other meetings in which an interpreter could be used.  Examples when a school might contact a parent liaison - attendance, social or mental health concerns, school adjustment. We currently have a Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese, Spanish and Korean speaking parent liaisons. The liaisons are in weekly contact with Rachael Kaplan, our ELL Program Social Worker.