• Skyward Family & Student Access Guidelines for Use
    One of the key goals of Newton Public Schools (NPS) is to improve home-school communication. A parent portal enhances communications by giving parents and guardians easy, online access to information about their students and the schools they attend. It also provides each child access to his/her individual student and school data.
    NPS is providing this service through Skyward Family & Student Access. This web-based application allows families and students to view important student and school information from a browser on any Internet connection, anytime, anywhere.
    All of the following conditions apply to families and students accessing NPS Skyward Family and Student Access
    1. The parent/guardian or student is responsible for the computer technology and software used to access Skyward Family & Student Access.
    2. The parent/guardian is given a User-ID and password specific to his/her child/children. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to protect the security of this User-ID and password. Students will use their NPS username and password and are expected to secure this information and not share it with others. The district accepts no responsibility if the User-ID/password is compromised in any way. Users are not allowed to use a User-ID and password that has been assigned to another individual.
    3. If parents/guardians need to make changes to an account or are new parents entering the school system will need to contact their school. 4. Users should realize that email and other communications via the Internet are not guaranteed to be private.
    5. Parents/guardians should encourage their children to make first contact with the teacher when making a grade inquiry.
    6. Any parent/guardian who would like to meet regarding an issue with a teacher should schedule a meeting via the school office.
    7. Parents/guardians should be sensitive to the student load of teachers when contacting them. Excessive e-mailing may be detrimental to the class preparation time of the teacher.
    8. The district reserves the right to deactivate Skyward Family Access or Student Access account without notice at any time.
    The NPS web site (Families and Students tabs) offer accurate, up-to-date information for parents, guardians, and students on how to use Skyward Family & Student Access: