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  • How to Register for an EDCO Course 

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    EDCO Registration Form

    Instructions: To register for an EDCO course you must fill out the EDCO registration form. Fill in all of the fields including payment information.
    You or your school will be responsible for payment.
    Email the completed form to Anne Banks, who will send it to EDCO.
    You will receive a confirmation, then you will pay EDCO directly.

How to Earn In-Service Credits


    Newton Public Schools, in collaboration with the Newton Teachers Association, recognizes the granting of In-service Credit as one aspect of the Newton Public Schools’ professional development program.

    Our professional development program is intended to help educators continue to improve professional knowledge, instructional strategies and skills including data analysis, and work with colleagues to improve school climate and cultural responsiveness. The ultimate goal of professional development is academic excellence and equitable outcomes for all students, including those who have traditionally been underserved.

    Newton Public Schools recognizes the importance of professional learning for educators in several ways, including

    • providing time for system-wide professional learning within the contractual school day,
    • emphasizing improving professional practice in the evaluation cycle through the rubrics and the annual setting of a Professional Practice Goal,  
    • providing the opportunity for a salary increase through transfer to higher training (also known as a lane change).

    Fifteen graduate credits must be earned by an educator to apply for transfer to higher training and the accompanying salary increase. Six in-service credits can be used by educators as part of the required 15 graduate credits.

    Since in-service credits are equivalent to graduate credits in the lane change process, granting of in-service credit is limited to courses that are intensive in nature, with work or performance demands similar to those of an undergraduate or graduate school course, including expectations for outside-of-class work time. One in-service credit will be granted for every 15 hours of pre-approved professional learning. Professional Development Points (PDPs) may also be awarded for these activities.

    In-service credit can also be awarded under certain circumstances for work overseen by an Newton Public Schools administrator that contributes to the high functioning of a school or department. The participant must demonstrate his or her learning through a product that can inform and be used by others interested in similar themes or outcomes.

    In-service credits cannot be granted if the participant receives a stipend for participation in the course or if the course takes place during regular work hours, including contractual professional development time.


    The Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning must approve all in-service credits that individual teachers or administrators wish to apply for transfer to higher training. Any professional learning project for which in-service credit is sought must be approved before it begins.

    Applying for pre-approval of the proposed in-service credit course or project requires three steps:

    • Discuss your proposal with the appropriate administrator (principal, department head, coordinator, program director) to verify that the proposed project fits with school and department priorities and goals.
    • Prepare a syllabus that details the scope of the project, including readings, research, learning activities, time frame, and expectations for final product. Use this format, or something similar, for the syllabus.   In-service Credit Syllabus Template.
    • Complete the Application for In-service Credit with syllabus attached and submit to Anne Banks in the Office of Teaching and Learning at the Education Center.

    Applications will be reviewed and either approved, returned for revision, or denied based on alignment with the criteria described in the In-service Credit Syllabus Template.  



    When the professional learning is complete, submit these materials to the office of teaching and learning:

    • Original application including syllabus
    • Original notification of approval
    • Administrators confirmation of meeting the workshop requirements if applicable. Report of Completion of Project or Workshop Requirements
    • Demonstration of professional learning that can inform and be used by others interested in similar themes or outcomes.

    The Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning will review materials and award in-service credits for those courses or projects that fulfill the requirements of the approved course or project.



    In-service credit can be awarded for summer projects that meet the criteria above in addition to being approved as summer projects.