• Mathematics Department Awards
    The recipients for the Class of 2019 are listed under each award. 

    FERGUSON SCHOLARSHIP - Presented to a student of integrity who has consistently worked to her/his academic potential, given evidence of outstanding effort both in and out of school, and has been involved in school and/or community activities.

    Abagail Bianchi


    MEREDITH GHATTAS SCHOLARSHIP - Awarded to a math student who works hard.~ May also have an interest in music.

    Rachel Sidmore


    NATHAN ROBINSON - Awarded to a student who reflects Nathan’s enormous enthusiasm for the subject of mathematics.  This is not necessarily the highest achieving student but should be a student who enjoys the study of the discipline.  Passionate about life and learning, Nathan loved the order, balance, and symmetry that mathematics provided.  With his sharp mind and love of teaching, Nathan enjoyed sharing his passion for math with others.  This award is given to a graduating senior whose focus is not so much on the correct answers of equations as it is about spreading the joy and excitement of math to Newton North classmates and beyond.

    Ben Gobler


    BIG HEART AWARD - For the math student who demonstrates outstanding citizenship by their involvement in volunteer work outside of school. They bring this “Big Heart” into the learning environment and will be positive and encouraging with peers. They may have also expressed interest in using their talents in math to impact positive social change.

    Greg Licholai


    GOOD & PLENTY AWARD - For the math student who demonstrates Kindness and Integrity on a daily basis in and out of the classroom. They are able to model this consistently for peers and they bring a brightness to the North Community with their presence.

    Nathan Persampieri


    110% AWARD- For the math student who shows a consistently high level of participation and effort in math regardless of their math ability. Their enthusiasm and love of learning is contagious and their positive approach and “never give up” attitude encourages peers to put forth their best efforts as well.

    Georgina (Gigi) Anderson