Middle School Mathematics - Grades 6-8

  • In middle school, students build new mathematical ideas and experiences drawing from the connections and relationships with mathematics they learned in elementary school.  All students engage in a three-year course of study that integrates content strands and mathematical practices.

    As with our elementary math program, teachers are expected to provide a mathematics program, which ensures every student meets grade level benchmarks, and every student is challenged at his or her appropriate level. Teachers are supported in improving their practice as math educators by a strong professional development program, and by a middle school math coach who works with individual teachers and teacher teams to implement units, and design daily lessons that maximize student learning.
    Instruction and curriculum in middle school mathematics develops basic skills, conceptual understanding and proficiency with the Standards for Mathematical Practice as a unified whole. The core curriculum used at the middle school level is Illustrative Mathematics.  Additional rich and engaging tasks meant to meet the needs of all of our middle school students are provided for teachers from resources such as The Shell Center and Dan Meyer’s 3 Act Tasks.  
    Grade 6    Mathematics Curriculum Overview
    Grade 7    Mathematics Curriculum Overview
    Grade 8    Mathematics Curriculum Overview