• What current students are saying about the program: 


    “The Calculus Project is literally a life-changing experience. The teachers are kind and encouraging, the curriculum provides a challenging preview of what’s to come, and you can meet people from other schools. This camp is one of the best summer programs to attend, and even if you don’t like math, you’ll have a much different opinion by the end.”


    “I would recommend the math summer enrichment class to a friend because it’s a good opportunity to challenge your brain over the summer and get a look ahead on some of the units that we will be covering during the school year.”


    “It was very fun, and even though I stepped out of my comfort zone a few times, I grew to be glad I did, and now I think I’m ready, and a lot more confident than I was before this class.”


    “I would recommend this to a friend because TCP is not only a fun way to learn math, it’s great for meeting new people and making new friends.”