What students say about the program:

  • A Parent's Experience

    "Last summer my daughter got invited to participate at The Calculus Project. Of course she wasn't thrilled to spend part of the summer doing math, but we gave her no choice and she had to go. To my surprise once she started she stopped complaining and went every day. She continued with the tutoring during the year and didn't complain when we told her she was going to do it this summer again. The people running the program are doing an amazing job, you can not imagine the difference it has made in her approach to math, it went from profound dislike to being one of her favorite subjects. I'm writing to thank you for giving her the chance, to tell you that the program works and encourage you not only to continue with it but to expand it."
    Maria Mizrahi, Oak Hill Middle School Parent

    "We are so pleased with the progress our son has made in math. The Calculus Project has increased his confidence by 100%. He went from telling us in 7thgrade that he was “bad” at math, to telling us in 9thgrade how he helps explain solutions to his peers! He really liked his summer teachers and the field trips!"

    Heather Schoenfeld & Harvey Young, Newton North High School Parents