SAT Subject Tests Required for Admission

    It is always recommended to check college websites to confirm

    N.B.  Some undergraduate colleges/schools also have specific subject requirements for the SAT Subject Tests 
    *ACT accepted as an alternative to SAT Subject Tests
    ^See website re: specific majors 






    California Institute of Technology* 

    Fresno Pacific University*

    Harvey Mudd College

    Pomona College*



    Wesleyan University*

    Yale University*



    Amherst College*

    Boston College*

    Boston University^

    Franklin. W. Olin College

    Harvard College

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Tufts University*

    Williams College 

    Wellesley College*



    Missouri Southern State University*


    New Hampshire

    Dartmouth College


    New Jersey

    Princeton University


    New York

    Barnard College*

    Columbia University*

    Hamilton College*

    New York University*

    Vassar College*

    Webb Institute


    North Carolina

    Duke University*

    North Carolina A & T State University



    Bryn Mawr College*

    Haverford College*

    Swarthmore College*

    University of Pennsylvania*


    Rhode Island

    Brown University*



    Rice University*


    Washington D.C.

    Georgetown University


    West Virginia

    Alderson-Broaddus College*


     McGill University


    Source:  College Handbook, The College Board, 2-15