• Connections Program


    The Connections program provides highly individualized services, programming, and special instruction to students with moderate to severe disabilities with a goal of maximizing the potential and independence of each student. It is based on the belief that all students can learn together in the same schools and classrooms with appropriate supports. An inclusive education helps prepare students with disabilities for an integrated adult life and builds understanding and acceptance within the broader community.



    Katie Augusta, Inclusion Facilitator
    Kelly Clark, Inclusion Facilitator

    Wendy Armagost, Teaching Assistant
    William Baran, Teaching Assistant
    Marcia Bergman, Teaching Assistant
    Christine Depari, Teaching Assistant
    Michael Foote, Teaching Assistant
    Jennie Furano, Teaching Assistant
    Julie Kaplan, Teaching Assistant
    Christine Luciano, Teaching Assistant
    Kelly Parella, Teaching Assistant
    Sonam Shankar, Teaching Assistant