• What will my child learn in mathematics over the course of four years at Newton South?

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    By the end of four years, all students cover the equivalent of Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. The vast majority of students will complete a full pre-calculus course. Many students will also have the opportunity to study calculus and/or statistics.

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  • What does it take to get to Calculus by senior year?

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    Calculus is a college-level mathematics course requiring a thorough understanding of the concepts and skills taught in high school mathematics through pre-calculus. There are many paths to calculus depending on which level your child is learning at


    - Students completing the honors sequence (601-603) have the option of taking AP Calculus AB or BC in their senior year. 

    - Students completing the Accelerated sequence (611-613) with strong grades have the option of enrolling in AP Calculus AB (A- or better in 613) or a non-AP Introductory Calculus Course (B- or better in 613, covers the same topics as AB Calculus)

    - Students completing the Accelerated sequence who do not meet the grade requirement, or are not recommended for AB Calculus can take the Newton Community Education "Bridge to Calculus" Course (there is a fee, and there is no credit awarded) to review key precalculus conceps, and if they pass, will be placed in AB Calculus at the end of the summer. 

    - Students that do not begin in Accelerated or Honors, have the potential to take AP Calculus AB or BC if they undertake independent summer study and pass a placement exam to move up to the accelerated or honors level (during any summer between freshmen and 

    We strongly urge you to pick a freshman class that suits your needs and learning capabilities, and as you grow, we will help you find a path to calculus. 


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  • My child struggles in math. What kind of support will he/she receive at the high school?

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    There are a number of options available:

    J-Block is a scheduled block at the end of the school day on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday where students can receive help from their mathematics (or any) teacher. Full-time teachers are required to hold two J-Blocks per week.

    The Math Center is a drop-in help center staffed by student or adult tutors at various times throughout the day.

    The Student Support Center (SSC) is a during the school day option for students that have been identified as needing academic support by their teachers/guidance counselor/housemaster. The SSC involves either peer tutoring or small-group study halls with a content area teacher.

    The After School Program is also for students identified as needing academic support by their teachers/guidance counselor/housemaster.
    Students in need of support should speak with their teacher and guidance counselor.

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