• Important SAT & Subject Test Information

    Tracy Connolly, Test Center Supervisor

    Students may register by going to www.collegeboard.org and creating an account or by picking up a paper registration form in the College and Career Resource Center. Both the website and the paper form have additional information about SAT registration and the exams.

    The school code for Newton South High School is 221548.

    There is one test center at Newton South this year:

    • The Wheeler Center is 22572 (Supervisor Tracy Connolly)


    On exam day, students should report to the Wheeler House by 7:45 a.m. Room assignments will be posted at the entrance. Students must bring their admission ticket on the day of testing in addition to a valid photo ID. Students who do not bring their admission ticket and photo ID will not be seated, per the College Board, even if their name appears on the posted roster. Students should also bring a calculator, number two pencils and a snack. Cell phone use during the exam is prohibited. Students who use cell phones during the exam will be dismissed and their behavior reported to the College Board in writing.

    Students who register for the SAT Subject Tests may register for one, two or three exams. They may take the exams in any order. On the day of the exam, students who have registered for one exam and decide to take more, or who have registered for two or three exams and decide to take fewer exams do not need to check in with the Test Center Supervisor or the room proctor. S/he may take the exam(s) s/he chooses. Payment/refunds are handled through the College Board (800-257-5123).

    Only students with SSD numbers from the College Board are eligible for extended time or other accommodations.

    Newton South is a large SAT test center, but it fills up very quickly. Students should register early to get a seat at South or at a nearby center.

    The College Board has changed some important rules regarding registration and admission to the exams.

    • Students must bring their admission ticket and photo ID to the test center at which they are scheduled to take the test.
    • Students who do not bring both of those items to the test center will not be seated for the exam, even is a test center staff person knows them and can identify them. The students will be asked to leave the test center before testing begins.
    • Students may test ONLY at the center for which they registered.
    • Students may take only the test for which they registered.
    • In other words, if a student registered for the SAT, s/he may not change to a subject test.
    • There is no standby testing.
    • Students who do not have an admission ticket may register for a wait list with the College Board directly. Seating for those students on the day of the test is still subject to test material, space and staff availability. We only know how much space we have for students on the wait list after registered students have been seated on the morning of the exam.
    • Registered students who have been approved for accommodations since registering should contact the test center as soon as possible to determine if there is space available for them in a testing room for students with accommodations.
    • All students who are approved for accommodations are required to bring a copy of their approval letter with them on test day.   


    Approximate dismissal times at Newton South:

    SAT Reasoning SAT Subject
    Regular time: 12:45 to 1:15
    Extended time: 2:00 to 2:30
    One exam: 9:40 to 10:05
    Two exams: 11:00 to 11:15
    Three exams: 12:15 to 12:30
    Extended time: add 30 minutes to the above times