• Senior Year Monthly Activities

    • Register for September ACT in August
    • Get off to a strong start
    • Register for October SAT & ACT
    • Meet with your Guidance Counselor and Mrs. Sabet, College/Career Counselor especially if applying to colleges with early deadlines
    • Register through Naviance to attend college admissions rep visits at NSHS
    • If applying early action/early decision:
      • finalize list and share details about your list and deadlines with recommenders
      • continue to work on college essays
      • Know your deadlines
    • Register for the TOEFL, if needed
    • Create a Common Application, Coalition, Universal or college specific account and begin completing applications if you are applying in November-December


    • SAT and SAT Subject tests administered
    • Deadline to register for November SAT
    • Attend Financial Aid Night at NSHS
    • Complete the FAFSA especially if you have early college deadlines and file after October 1st
    • Be sure you understand the requirements if applying Early Decision and/or Early Action
    • Meet with college admissions reps in NSHS College & Career Center. Remember to get a signed permission pass from your teacher!
    • Attend Newton North High School’s College Fair
    • Proofread final drafts of all college essays for early applications
    • Attend Boston’s Performing & Visual Arts College Fair
    • Visual artists/designers attend National Portfolio Day in Boston


    • SAT or SAT Subject tests administered.
    • Submit Early Decision/Early Action applications
    • Deadline to register for December ACT & SAT
    • Register for CSS/Financial Aid Profile at www.collegeboard.org (if college requires it). Each college has a specific deadline.
    • Attend fall college open houses
    • Speak with recommenders if applying for regular admissions deadlines
    • Continue working on college essays & supplements for regular admissions deadlines
    • If considering a gap year, review literature in the College & Career Center and online


    • SAT Reasoning or Subject tests
    • Finish all applications and essays. 
    • Look for information on NSHS local scholarships
    • If you applied Early Action/Early Decision, continue working on regular deadline applications, if applicable
    • Research sources of private scholarships. Check out the scholarship link on Naviance and weekly scholarship email reminders 
    • Deadline to register for January SAT


    • Finish college applications.
    • SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject tests administered (not at NSHS)
    • Complete the Newton South High School Local Scholarship application.
    • Check scholarship deadlines.


    • Have mid-year grades sent to colleges if requested
    • Check/apply for private outside scholarships 
    • Continue to explore colleges as thoroughly as possible
    • Send any updated information about your achievements to colleges
    • It’s not too late to apply!


    • Review college responses and financial aid offers with your parents and counselors
    • Decide where to visit
    • Write withdrawal letters/emails to colleges you will not attend
    • Make final decision and deposit by May 1


    • AP Exams
    • Some colleges will ask you to sign up for an orientation time
    • Meet with your counselor for advice, if waitlisted.