• Releasing Transcripts to Colleges

    Newton South High School must receive your permission to send your transcript of grades to colleges, scholarship organizations and the NCAA. Do the following to ensure timely delivery of this important document:

    1. Obtain a Transcript Request Form from the Main Office or the College & Career Center.

    2. Pay $3 for each transcript you are requesting.

    3. Bring completed form and payment to the Main Office.

    4. If this is the first time you are making this request, be sure that you complete this form at least 3 weeks before the application deadline.

    5. You may complete multiple Transcript Request Forms at later times if you choose to apply to more schools or later deadlines.

    For example:  If your earliest college deadline is November 1st, you should complete this form by October 10th.

    NOTE:  When you turn in your Transcript Request Form, it will indicate to your Guidance Counselor that you need a counselor recommendation written. Be sure that you have also submitted your Senior Information Sheet and Parent Information Sheet to your counselor.