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  • Greetings to the Newton Community,

    It is with great honor that I begin service as your new Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.

    I come to you as a humble life-long special educator with a burning passion for educational equity for all students. My road to Newton provided me the opportunity to serve as an educator and leader in public, private and collaborative settings and I am grateful for the opportunity to join such an amazing corps of educators and leaders. As a child of a serviceman and a teacher, I learned the value of service and of committing to something greater than self. As a teacher and an educational leader, I am committed to working together to help capture each students’ area of giftedness. Only in this endeavor can we truly achieve our goals and support students to be their best selves.

    As educators, we know the real New Year celebration is on the first day of school and I look forward to enjoying the experience of welcoming our faculty next week and our students the week after that.

    I will spend the first few months meeting with people within the school and community and learning about the wonderful programs and opportunities available to students in Newton. I will learn about our wonderful student services department and learn how I might contribute to our continued growth and development.

    I welcome opportunities to meet with people and learn about your work, your child and your experiences with the Newton Public Schools.

    Yours in service to education,

    Elizabeth (Beth) Fitzmaurice

    Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

Newton Parent Advisory Council for Special Education

  • The Newton Parent Advisory Council for Special Education (PAC) serves as a parent resource and a liaison between parents and the administration. It provides a forum for parents to meet each other and with school department staff to discuss special education concerns, strategies and programs.

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