• First Impressions

    Posted by Zhao Zijun (David) on 10/19/2018

    Actually, my first impression of the US is very good. I am fortunate that I met a very good host family. When I met them at the airport, I was so surprising that Americans are so enthusiastic, we became familiar in about two weeks, we told with each other about something basic, we exchanged some of the different culture between China and the US. The air is fresh, and there are less cars than China, something else, the weather changes so quickly. I finally know why this area called New England, because the weather is so similar with England. Another impression is that their house is so big! I never seen a house big like this before. In China, most families live in a apartment, single floor, and so sometimes I consider a 150 square meters house as a big house. But, when I chat with them, I found that their house’s first floor is about 400 square meters big! It really impressed me. There is also a no very good impression, is that the quality of the road. The road I ride bike to school been rebuilt few days ago, before the rebuilt, the road is super bumpy, when I was on the school bus with Matthew, the situation is: about one third of time, I was not on the seat, but in the air. My host family told me sometimes people don’t want to get more convenient public transportation or a better road by increasing their tax. I was a little bit speechless when I heard that. Maybe it is the politic difference between the US and China, I prefer the better basic things in the society. In general, first, the Americans are enthusiastic, second, the weather changes so quickly, third, the road is not very good, fourth, the house is big, fifth, the environment is fantastic.

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  • First Impressions

    Posted by Jingyan Yuan (Jeanie) on 10/17/2018

       I have been Newton South High School about a month. There are so many things that make me impressed.

        When the first week I came here, I feel everything is foreign and English isn't my first language so that it makes me seriously. In class, the other students can speak fast and clear. But when the teacher gave me some article to read, I can not even understand it. I feel terrible about my English level.

        After school, I came back to home. My host family very care for about me and ask me how was your school day. I told them how owful that I feel. They feel sad about that. They told me they can understand me and don't worry about it. They can hhelp me. If I have trouble just told them. A few days later, all the teachers are really take care about me and real kindly to me. I have a warmhearted feeling about all the people who help me a lot.

        During this month, I also have a lot of fun here. The most things impressions to me are two kinds of sports. We went to watch a baseball match while actually, I don't know everything about baseball I still thought that was very exciting. I saw all the people who was shouting and cheering for the team they support. A few days early, we went to kayak. That's the first time I try it. It is really unforgettable to me. We sometimes hangout on weekends, and we really get well on each other.

       All the exchange students in America are really friendly and take care about me e

    especially Read and Andre. They're worry about me every time even I was just feel tired.

       Though I'm in another country, their enthusiasm makes me feel here is my second home. I really enjoyed the time this month. I'll hold dear the four months I stay here. That's will be my special experience.

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  • First Impressions

    Posted by Yan Wenjing (Lily) on 10/17/2018

           It has been almost one and a half month since I arrived in America. Living in a America is not exactly like I expected, but honestly not many surprises.

           When we got off the plane, I looked out of the window, the sky was purely blue, the sun was brightly shining. It still felt like summer at that time.

           And soon, after we get our own schedule, autumn came. Leaves started turning yellow, and I have to adjust to America school life.

           I have to say, I often feel nervous about being among strangers. But everyone in school was so nice and welcoming that makes me feel relaxed. The teachers were kind and willing to help. And I joined a few clubs, people there all tried to get me involved. Once I needed a ride to south to join the Ligerbots Event, but I could not find a carpool online. A student in my bounder’s homeroom tried very hard to help me out. Although it did not worked at the end, I am still very thankful for what he did.

           The life in Newton is busy, but not as New York City. People still have time and mood to smile to and greet the strangers they meet. Everytime I walk back home after school, those smiles can always make me feel warm and happy.

           I really enjoyed the classes in America, even though it sometimes was about things I have learned before. I like the way the Americans teach, especially history. Students have to read a lot of articles about the topic and summarize the main idea so that they can have a deeper understanding. Although Chinese students also read materials beside textbooks in order to get more information about history events, there are usually just a few sentences selected by the teacher which can directly tell the most important point instead of a whole passage. The way the Americans teaches history encourages students to think and question. And I love schools only have 5 minutes between classes. It is time-saving so students can have more time for clubs and other after school events.

           I am impressed that most Americans plan things so much ahead, they will even make an appointment to get a haircut. Comparing to China, it does allow people more time to think and makes everything more efficient. But it is also very inconvenient on weekends and holidays.

           This one and a half month is an unforgettable experience for me. It is really inspiring to learn about a different culture .

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  • First Impressions of America

    Posted by Yumo Bai (Claire) on 10/17/2018

    My first impression of America has been great. My host family has been super welcoming, and always nice. I thought that things would be awkward, but everything is going well. My host buddies Ethan and Maddie have been great, and we hang out and talk all the time. We always laugh and have a good time. My daily life has been much more interesting than China too. I have many activities to do. We go to the YMCA, go to the mall, hang out in Newtonville, and do fun things in Boston on weekends. Maddie and her family took me on a Duck Boat Tour, which allowed me to see all of Boston! We also went to my first concert, Ed Sheeran. It was an unforgettable night. I have already made so many great memories in my short time in America. School has been good as well. Newton North has a welcoming environment, and so many classes to choose from. My favorite class is Forensics. We analyze crime scenes modeled after real life cases, and we also get to experiment with the evidence we collect. The classes are also much more interactive than China, instead of the teacher doing a lecture. The homework is not that much, but it is challenging. The tests are also a little hard. I really like being a Chinese TA as well. It has been very rewarding, and I get to help my friends improve their Chinese. It has also been easy to fit in at school, thanks to everyone at North being welcoming. Overall, I love America and the experiences I have had so far. I love it here!

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