• Catalan map, 1375
  • Welcome to History at Newton South High School High School!  We are excited to work with students as they explore the history of the world and the United States.
    Students are required to earn 15 credits in History for graduation. All students are expected to take 9th and 10th grade World History and 11th grade United States History.  Seniors may also select from a number of history electives, which will be offered depending on student demand, staffing availability, and scheduling considerations.  In addition to our standard courses, there are options that integrate the study of history and English, including 9th grade linked (413), 10th-12th grade Modern Global Communities, and New Media courses. Note that these courses, if elected, must be taken along with their English equivalents. Please see the course flow chart below or the Program of Studies for specific details about these courses and their levels.
     If you cannot find what you need on this webpage, please contact your teacher or Jennifer Morrill, the Department Chair.
    PLEASE NOTE: During our period of REMOTE LEARNING, teachers will post assignments as well as a WEEKLY LEARNING SUMMARY each week on their schoology page. Below are examples of the assignments for this week from each grade. To find your child's weekly summary, please visit their course schoology page. Feel free to reach out to me, Jennifer Morrill, or your child's teacher with any questiions.  


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