History and Social Sciences

  • Welcome to the History and Social Sciences Department at Newton South High School. We are excited to work with students as they explore the history of the world and the United States.

    Students are expected to take a two-year World History sequence in grades 9 and 10, and a year of United States History in grade 11. Seniors may choose from a variety of History and Social Sciences electives, which are only open to seniors. In the ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades there are options (413S, 424S/434S, 425S/435S) that link the study of History with the study of English. These courses must be taken along with their English equivalents. If either the English course or the History course is changed at a later date, the linked class must also be changed. Not all students electing to register for these courses will be placed in them, as space is limited; therefore, it is important that alternate choices be listed for these courses.

    If you cannot find what you need on this webpage, please contact your teacher or Jennifer Morrill, the Department Chair.

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