Newton South Global Education Programs

  • Newton South believes that in today's increasingly global world, all students should have access to international learning experiences which foster critical 21st century skills.  Therefore, Newton South offers a variety of global education programs every year, including French & Chinese exchanges through the World Language Department, community service trips to Peru & Nicaragua through the Spanish department, spring and summer history tours to Prague and Berlin through the history department,  interdisciplinary trips to a variety of locales through the Global Communities department, and other programs through the science department. 

    Click through the left sidebar to read more information about this year's offerings at NSHS.

2019-20 Newton South Global Programs

  • During 2019-20, Newton South will offer the following travel programs. Click through the left sidebar for more information!
    French Exchange
    Chinese Exchange
    Portugal UNESCO Science Trip
    Greece Service Trip
    Ghana Exchange
     Galapagos Science Trip
    Argentina Spanish Language Exchange
    Prague Summer History Program 
  • Scholarships to participate in Newton travel programs are available to all students who demonstrate financial need through the Jennifer Price Global Education Leadership Fund (GELF).  Please visit the GELF website for more information on how to apply.
  • For information about Newton's Global Education Programs, please contact:
    Samantha Mandel
    Global Education Programs Manager
    Newton North Office: 617-559-6400, ext. 454391
    Newton South Office: 617-559-6500, ext. 453292
    Direct Line: (857) 636-0921