Application and Selection Process


    To Complete a Financial Aid Application for an International Trip

    Part I:  Please carefully read the GELF Financial Aid Supplement Explanatory Cover Letter for the GELF Financial Aid Supplement.

    Part II:  A parent or guardian should complete the online financial aid application no later than the deadline for their child's trip application.

    Part III: All parent/guardians (including non-custodial parents) are requested to make a copy of their most recent 1040 tax returns and turn them in to Samantha Mandel's mailbox at the main office of their child's school.  The copies should be turned in by the deadline for the trip application.


    Awards Process

    The GELF committee will review all applications. Applicants will be evaluated primarily on the basis of demonstrated need; however, a number of other factors, including academic and disciplinary record, will also be considered. Students may only receive one GELF scholarship during their tenure in the Newton Public Schools. The size and number of awards in any given year may vary.

    All recipients of GELF scholarships will be required to submit a reflective project about their international experience. 

    For further information about the Fund, please contact Samantha Mandel at