• The Joys of Fandoms, Episode 1
    by Nina K. and Maiya C. and Lanie M.

    Newspaper hath returned! Hello again. Here we shall talk about how fandoms are the greatest thing to ever happen ever. LET’S ROCK!
    And did we mention,

    Hey peeps! I am Maiya, and I am British! Also I like reading, writing and eating Nutella! Anyway the first Fandom off the bat is (Drumroll please...) ..................
    Harry Potter! Commonly known as HP, which is what we’re gonna call it so get used to it! If you’re British like me, you call it ‘arry Pottah!

    GET USED TO IT, OR ELSE. Hi, I’m Nina. I like cats. Like, a lot. I just really love cats. It’s a problem. I also like acting, eating ungodly amounts of chocolate, and drawing. I’m bad at introductions. Anyway.... Harry Potter exists. It is amazing and if you have never read/seen this series, leave. You are not welcome here. Just wait til the next episode.

    Amen to that!

    I’m Lanie, and if you ever see any random hashtags that’s probably me. I like dancing and acting and a lot of other things, including fandoms. Harry Potter is just -

    Bloody Brilliant???
    All of the above.

    So, what houses are you in? I’m torn between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff...IDK. Ravenpuff, I guess :/ I CAN’T CHOOSE. Huh, Ravenpuff...I like that word.

    I am a Gryffinclaw! Gryffindor and Ravenclaw in case that wasn’t blindingly obvious! And it’s ok, Nina, no one can.

    I’m a Slytherclaw, Slytherin/Ravenclaw, and I’m one of the only nice Slytherins you’ll ever meet.

    NOT TRUE! Other Slytherins are nice. Yes, many of the bad guys are in Slytherin, but not all Slytherins are bad guys! WISE WORDS. WISE. WORDS. My favorite CIT at camp is a Slytherin!

    Whatever, anyway Harry Potter ships: Dramione, Dumblesocks, Drapple Hinny, Romione, Ricken, Snily, Nevilune and Lonks. So many ships, but no OTP’s if you don’t know what an OTP is you shouldn’t be here!!!!!!! In my humble opinion, James Potter is an absolute bully!

    Yeah. If you don’t know what an OTP is, leave. JAMES POTTER IS TERRIBLE.
    My HP ships are: Dumblesocks, Romione, Drapple, and Nevilune! BUT NOT HINNY. OR DRAMIONE. OR SNAMIONE. NUUUU. I would list more, but there are too many…

    I ship Dumblesocks, Drapple, Hinny, Romione, Nevilune, and DON’T KILL ME GUYS! Snily. And you guys are right about James.

    I love Snily! Lily should’ve ditched James for Snape. James was such a jerk. I didn’t want him to die, but he was stupid.

    I know but still: Let me run into your house and step over your husband’s cold corpse like he’s nothing and ignore your screaming, traumatized child and hug your lifeless body in an entirely creepy and useless way of proclaiming my love for you.

    When you put it like that it’s kind of like Snape is a creeper. But my point is still relevant.

    I know right? Ha ha ha! Creepy, creepy!

    It’s just sad that Snape died. He was nice.

    Is that really the only word you have for him? He was more than nice. He was brave, and asdfghjkl!!! (That’s fangirl for fangirling)

    I agree, oh nuts, now I’m crying! Urgh! The curse of being a Fangirl!!!!!!!

    Yeah, but I’m trying to describe him vaguely so that I don’t end up seeing how great of a man he was and then start crying. This is what it is like to be a Potterhead. Welcome.

    We are weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The End of Episode One!