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    Linder, Lee Give Brown Bears Another Win
    by Jose J.

    First Half
    Last Monday, the Brown boys soccer team, coached by History Teacher Mr. McGraw and Guidance Counselor Mr. Travers, beat their neighboring rivals, the Oak Hill Panthers, 2-0. The Bears started with their usual formation of a 3-1-3-3 with Chris J. playing stopper and Ben K. playing sweeper. At the start of the match the Bears had a hard time getting the ball to the outside. The ball was mostly in the Bears’ half and the Panthers approached Michael C.’s (8th Grade) with ease. However, Chris J. (8th), Ben G. (8th), Ben K. (8th) and Daniel L. (7th), took the ball away from Oak Hill but had a hard time getting the ball to the offensive line. Later on Josh G. (8th) brilliantly got rid of three players and sent a through ball to Langston L. who sped towards the ball. At the other end, the Oak Hill team also ran towards the ball and two players ran into each other, sending the ball to an Oak Hill defender. Fortunately, both of the players recovered and kept on playing. That play gave Brown confidence and helped them dominate the game. Later on Brown substituted Ben K. (8th) and Tomas N. (7th) for T.J. S. (8th) and Brendan L. (8th). After a series of passing and switching the ball, Brendan L. passed the ball to the top of the box and Daniel L. excellently lobbed the ball over the goalkeeper with Brown scoring the first goal of the match. At the beginning of the match, Tomer B. (8th) could not play since he didn’t have his soccer cleats, so it took the coach some time to get him on the field. When Tomer received his cleats, Mr. McGraw put him in his regular defensive position going in for Ben G. As the game progressed, the defense was doing very well at getting the pressure off. Josh G. was also doing a very good job of spreading the field when he received the ball on the right side of the box. When Josh crossed-shot in the box, the goalie saved it but rebounded right to Langston L.’s feet where he tapped the ball in for Brown’s second goal. Chris T. (8th) also did a good job of playing the ball to the center when he was subbed in. Later on there was a similar play to the first goal except Chris J. shot the ball this time and hit the ball just over the crossbar. It was pretty much back and forth the rest of the time until the second half.

    Second Half
    Brown pretty much dominated the rest of the time. Receiving spectacular crosses from Chris T, , passes to the box by Aaron and mainly good techniques by Brown. The score stayed the same and another win was added to the Bears’ record.

    Tough Loss for Girls Soccer
    by Jacob A., Sportswriter

    On Wednesday, October 9, the Girls Soccer team lost to Wayland 3-1. The day was perfect weather for a good soccer game but, alas, weather alone was not enough to help Brown pull it off. Wayland scored a goal in the early stages of the game and then Brown pressed hard into Wayland’s offense but failed to score until late in the game. Though it was a stupendous goal it was not enough to overcome Wayland’s two early goals plus a third tacked onto the end of the game.

    Despite the loss, Coach Healy was unfazed and believes his players are really starting to work together and have fun. “My whole roster has incredible players and no one is really better than anyone else,” said the coach before the game. Based on the level of play it appears he is right. Even with this loss, all of us can expect great things from the Girls
    Soccer team this year.