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     Afterschool Enrichment and Athletics program is offered at each of Newton’s four middle schools. This program consists of both clubs and team sports. Important aspects of the program are highlighted below


    • A variety of clubs are offered after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday from 2:30 – 4:00PM. There is no sign-up* and students are invited to go to the designated classroom if they would like to participate. Club offerings change throughout the school year and from year to year dependent on student interest and staffing. Some clubs will run throughout the entire school year while others will be offered during a specific time frame. An adult is assigned to each club to assist students as needed. Students must stay in the activity until it has ended. Students are not allowed in the building unsupervised. A listing of clubs offered, along with their location and advisor, will be updated and posted monthly on both the website and throughout the school building. At times a club may be canceled for the day and this will be communicated to the students via the intercom and posted on the Oak Hill twitter account.

              *Cooking Club does require a food permission form.

    • The late Boston bus leaves from the front of Oak Hill Middle School at 4:30 PM. The late Newton bus leaves from the front of Oak Hill Middle School at 4:15 and 5:15PM. If a club or sporting event ends after these times it is the responsibility of the parent to pick up their child.
    • Middle School Student Activities Fee and Form - The middle school student activity fee covers all school sponsored extra-curricular activities within the middle schools not including athletics. The fee is set at $60.00 per student per year not including drama, or $100.00 per student per year if the student participates in drama. The annual fee allows a student to participate in an unlimited number of after school enrichment activities.