•  Bay State Running: Tribute to Lucy Jenks, Danny Collins and Ethan Jacunski

    Thank you so much for recognizing these amazing student-athletes!
    Our track program has always strived in teamwork and as you could hear from our athletes their personal accomplishments, as impressive as they are, had a second place in their minds when it comes to their team.
    These three athletes are leaders in our school not just in their teams and their impact will be with us and our programs for years to come. They exemplify our core values of Show Kindness, Listen First, Show Respect, and Take Responsibility. They lead their teams by example and especially by being aware of the needs of its members and the community.
    Their coaches have guided them through lows and highs but most importantly Ted Norton and Steven McChesney have helped them to grow as people.
    We are lucky to have these mentors connecting with our athletes through the year and to have athletes that have the heart of our LiONS.
    The interview can be seen by clicking the link below.



    Boys Outdoor Track



    HEAD COACH Ted Norton nte-rr@nortonent.com
    Brad King 
    ASSISTANT COACH Marcela Norton   

    Girls Outdoor Track


    HEAD COACH Steven McChesney mcchesneysteven@yahoo.com
    ASSISTANT COACH Maggie Fox  
    ASSISTANT COACH Ariel Kenyon