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  • Baseball Meeting April 1, 2021-zoom recording

    Summary Information for the Class of 2025

    Lions baseball, in a traditional season, gets underway the 3rd Monday in March when all Spring Sports are slated to start by the MIAA. Currently, we are in the Dual County League with 10 other schools. 6 of which, including Newton South, are in the Large conference with the other 5 in the Small conference.

     Provided registration numbers allow we boast 3 levels – Varsity, JV, and Freshman. Varsity will play a 20-game season that will have us play all members of the large conference twice, each member of the small conference once, and then 5 non-conference games including our rivals, Newton North. The other levels will play on average 15 games.

     The Freshman program is designed to help the players transition to high school baseball and work on the basic fundamentals of the game. Everyone on the roster will play in every game, and the goal is for the players to learn the system of the Newton South program, establish a good foundation for teamwork, and work on the skills to get them to the next level.

     The JV program is for players who are not yet ready for Varsity, as they may need to hone some aspect of their game further to be able to compete at that higher level. Everyone on the team will play in each game, but time may not be split evenly.

     The Varsity program looks to compete at the highest level, and their goal is to make the postseason state tournament with a .500 record or better and do well in that tournament. Players at this level will know the specific role they will play to help the team achieve its goals, and they should not have an expectation to play in every game.  

     Some of the baseball program’s philosophies:

    • Team First – each player will be expected to work hard and achieve individual successes (on and off the field) with the intent of helping the team (and thus their teammates) accomplish their goals
    • Improve upon the previous year – we want to strive to constantly get better
    • Help each player develop individual baseball and life goals – by writing down what we hope to achieve, it will keep us focused on the process of how to get there
    • Understand and embrace the mental aspect of the game; Control what you can and don’t dwell on what you can’t
    • Have fun competing

    While there is no set number of players on each roster, we typically average 15 on the Freshman and JV squads, with 17 to 20 on varsity. It is our belief that one of the best ways for a player to improve, is to play as much as possible, as well as playing at a level that challenges them. We will move players around to make sure they can maximize their playing time. For example, if the Freshman is off but the JV has a game, we may ask a few Freshmen to move up. Or if a varsity pitcher has not thrown in a while, we may ask him to pitch in a JV game to stay fresh. 

    Finally, for those high school players that have bigger dreams in mind, our staff has vast connections and we will do everything we can to help them play at the collegiate level. Our program is designed to ensure that those who want to have the option to play in college, will be mentally and physically ready to play at that next level.

    Should you have any questions, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at the information below.

    Mike Aiena

    Head Coach

    Newton South HS Baseball