• Great Resources for Middle School Students and Parents

    from the National College Bound Program:

    Most Popular Educational Resources

    Dr. Math - Tutoring site that allows students to email questions and get responses

    Merriam Webster - The most comprehensive dictionary on the internet

    Test Taking Survival Tips - Good tips and tricks for acing exams

    Kid's Click - Search Engine for young students

    Yahoo Kids - Website dedicated to youth

    Encyclopedia for Kids - Free Encyclopedia for reference

    Word Whiz - Helps students build vocabulary and study skills

    Color Atlas - Unique maps for geography fans

    Reading Lists for Students

    Pearson Youth Reading List - Pearson Recommended 6-8th summer reading

    Book Suggestions for the Entire Family - List for great books separated by category and age range

    The Future – Getting an Early Start on Careers and College

    Explore Your Career Options - An interactive website from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics
    The Princeton Review - Great test preparation and practice resources.
    Find the Right College for you - Learn about which colleges are similar to your interests and your strengths
    Test Practice with Coach - Standards based test preparation for kids, parents and teachers
    Students.gov - student gateway to the US Government

    Fun Educational Games

    Free Rice - Quiz game where correct answers help raise money for global hunger
    View the Earth from Space - View Earth from the Sun, the Moon or from any of a host of satellites in orbit. Cheap Carl’s Car Insurance Presents: The Mad Math Grand Prix – Math based racing game that helps improve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.
    Be an A+ Math Ace - Math games based on bingo and hidden pictures, and a variety of flash cards.
    Fun Trivia Games - Fun interactive quizzes

    Resources for Parents

    http://www.pta.org - Parent Teacher Association Webpage

    Great Schools.Org - A middle school parents’ preparation for college guide

    Health Insurance Online - A database of health information for kids and adults

    Read, Write, Think - Resources to help parents with their child’s literacy

    Middle School Web Resources - Valuable information for both parents and teachers

    US Dept. of Education - search for student aid resources by state

    Students With Disabilities

    http://www.add.org/ - Attention Deficit Disorder Association
    http://www.ldresources.com/ - Learning Disability Resources
    http://www.ncld.org/ - National Center for Learning Disabilities
    http://www.fcsn.org/ -Federation for Children with Special Needs

    For Minority, Low-Income, First Generation Students