• Friendships in Middle school

    If you were to ask most middle schoolers, they would say that their friends mean more to them than almost anything else right now. Middle school is a social place. Negotiating friendships can be difficult for some children, and can be a major factor with regard to the transition to middle school. Because there are four different feeder elementary schools coming together, it is natural that students’ friendships will shift, sometimes dramatically, during this time. This can be somewhat tumultuous for some children. Counselors and teachers are aware of this phenomenon, and are willing to help with this.

    Facebook and other social networking sites

    Some students use websites such as Facebook or utilize texting to chat with friends. While for older adolescents it can be a great way for kids to communicate with each other, there are obvious pitfalls. It can be a disruption to evening homework, as the phone and television can be. Feuds between kids can also be magnified online. Many kids feel more comfortable confronting each other in cyberspace than they do in person or on the phone. It is important to monitor Internet use as much as possible. There are many ways for kids to avoid talking to kids and people who are not desirable. One way is to “block” others from seeing you online. Your internet provider can explain your options to you. Middle school students often don't have the ability to control their impulses and are not cognitively ready for the responsible use of these modes of communication, they need adult guidance in utilizing these tools.