Daily Recess

  • The benefits of recess are well-documented, and Angier supports daily recess as part of its curriculum. In good weather, children normally have an outdoor recess period each day. Children with snow pants and boots will be allowed in the snow, conditions permitting. If physical activity should be limited, for example due to illness or injury, you must write a note to the nurse or office with an explanation.

  • recess children playing hopscotch

Recess Guidelines 

    • Travel carefully under playground structures. Do not stand up too quickly. Look for students dismounting the structure above.

    • Equipment can be slippery when wet or when your footwear is muddy or sandy. When the ground is snowy or wet, teachers may ask students not to climb the equipment in order to prevent accidents due to slippery conditions.

    • Climbing activities:
      Keep a strong hand grip in the middle of the bars.
      Bars could be wet in the morning and very slippery.
      Do not climb when hands are tired and sore.
      Do not climb on top of the structures.
      Give the performer in front a head start.
      Carry the tongue behind teeth.

    • Slides:
      No pushing on the platform on top of the slide.
      Give the person in front a head start.
      Children may not form trains. One at a time, please!
      Slide down feet first. Always be seated.
      Do not stand at the bottom of the slide and/or walk up the tunnel or block the exit.

    • Swings:
      Children should walk around the arc of the swing.
      Do not jump off the swing.
      Do not push a friend on the swing.
      Do not twist or turn on the swing.
      Keep both hands on the chains at shoulder level at all times.
      Take a short turn and share.

    • Children are not allowed to perform inverted activities on the equipment. Hanging from their legs can lead to serious head and neck injuries.
      Do not touch, interfere with, or distract another performer when they are on the equipment.
    • Children must always remain in sight of the recess supervisor. Once outside, children must stay outside unless given permission to go in.
    • Children should dress appropriately for the weather.
    • Lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, baseballs and hard balls are not allowed.
    • Children may not interfere with the play activities of other children. Any problems should be reported to a teacher. Children must not say “you can’t play.” Everyone needs to have a happy recess time.

    • Children are expected to line up when signaled.

    Please go over these guidelines with your child, and feel free to come to the playground after hours to practice them.