Lunch and Snack

  • All children in grades Kindergarten through 5 eat lunch at school every day except Wednesdays. Students also have a snack time during the day Monday - Friday. They have the option of bringing lunch from home or signing up for the school lunch program. Please read below to learn more!

  • Lunch & Snack a banana is on top of a red lunchbox and a yogurt cup


  • The Food Service sends home sign-up forms monthly throughout the school year, and parents may also place orders online. For more information, visit or e-mail the Food Service Department at Milk is included in the cost of lunch or can be contracted for separately.

    Parents must complete the order form and return it with payment by the deadline indicated in order for their children to receive school lunches or milk. Checks are payable to Newton Schools Food Service and questions should be addressed to the Food Service Office at 617-559-6315. A 5-day lunch program is available for those children in the school lunch program who need to eat lunch at school on all five school days.

    A lunch manager and two attendants administer the lunch program. The attendants supervise children in grades K-5 while they eat in the “Angier Café.”

    Lunch Rules

    • Children sit with their friends in their assigned seat. During mealtime, children are encouraged to remain in their seats. When finished, children clean up their area, dispose of wrappers and recycle appropriate items. 

    • Children are expected to be polite and well-mannered. Using an indoor voice, no running, helping each other, and no sharing food are expectations. Children must always obtain permission from the lunchroom monitor to leave the Café.

    • After eating is complete, children are invited to play board games, cards, work on word searches, socialize and have fun. Games and materials are available in the Café.

    • Reusable juice boxes and recyclable containers are requested. (Please be sure to avoid nuts in “nut-free” classrooms. Teachers will alert parents of this situation).

    • Healthy food is encouraged – no gum, candy, or soda.


    Every class has snack time, either in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon. We strongly encourage students to bring in a substantial healthy snack every day to sustain them until lunch or until school dismissal. Sodas, gum, and candy are not allowed. Fruit, cheese, crackers, and other such items, plus a drink such as water or juice, are healthy choices. Make sure the snack contains no nuts if your child is in a “nut-free” classroom. If in doubt, please ask the teacher for acceptable snack suggestions.