• Visitors

    While the school motto is "No One’s a Stranger at Angier," there are guidelines parents should be aware of when coming to school once the day has started. All newcomers, visitors, and volunteers must report first to the office to sign in the Guest Book and receive a visitor name tag. It is school policy for staff members to approach anyone without a visitor name tag and direct them to the office. Your cooperation will help ensure a safe environment.

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  • The school telephone number is 617-559-9300. In emergency situations, parents may leave messages for children. The telephones in the office and in the classrooms may be used by children for illnesses and forgotten lunches or musical instruments, but other uses are discouraged. Approval for all calls made by students during the day must be given by the teacher or the office staff. Plans for after-school activities are to be made from home before or after school.
    If you wish to speak with your child's teacher, you may call the office during school hours and leave a message: your call will be returned in a timely manner. Notes or e-mail messages to staff are welcome at any time and allow staff to contact parents at a time that is convenient for both parties. If the message to the teacher is time-sensitive, a note in the morning is preferred.
    Faculty and staff e-mail addresses are typically in the following format: lastnamefirstinitial@newton.k12.ma.us.
    Reminder: Teachers often do not have time to check their e-mail messages during the day. If parents need to deliver non-emergency messages or items (e.g., lunches, musical instruments) during the school day, they must bring them to the school office.