• When school sessions are canceled or delayed, you will receive an automated phone call early in the morning from the Newton Public Schools and an “Angier Blast” will be sent to your e-mail. Radio announcements are made over AM radio stations WBZ (1030) and WRKO (680), as well as TV channels 4, 5, 7, 56, and Newton Cable TV. You may also visit the NPS district website or call 617-559-9699 for a recorded message.

    Please do not call Angier or the Newton School, Fire, or Police Departments. If a "delayed opening" is announced, normal school procedures apply, allowing for the one- or two-hour delay. Although schools may be open on days following snow or ice storms, parents should use their own judgment in determining whether road conditions in their area permit children to proceed safely to school. The judgment of the parent is accepted as a legitimate reason for student absence in such cases.

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