• Angier uses School Pass to record an absence, schedule a late arrival or early pickup, and designate your child/ren to activities, other students or alternate caregivers. All families will receive an email from Mark Ruiters, our School Pass representative, in August with directions to set up and log into School Pass.  Mark will be resetting passwords for all new and returning families. It is extremely important that all parents/caregivers are registered to use School Pass and update your child/ren’s transportation defaults. Go to Angier’s School Pass System to update your child/ren’s arrival and dismissal plans. If you have problems logging in or making changes to your default or daily dismissal settings, please email Claudia Rossi or call the Angier front office at 617-559-9300.

    A child who is late for school must sign the Sign-In Log kept outside the office before going to his or her classroom. Attendance is taken in each classroom, and the Safe Arrival tape is transcribed. If your child is not in school and you have not called, the school secretary will then call your home for an explanation of the absence. If the child cannot be located or accounted for, the school will contact the Newton Police immediately.
    In the case of an anticipated absence, such as for an appointment or vacation, please notify your child's teacher in writing in advance. In addition, you may call the Safe Arrival phone number with this information when you know it. Please note that any changes in arrival time will be noted. Children arriving after 8:35am may be marked tardy.

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