Blue Zone

  • Blue Zone


    Our school was built in the 1920's when traffic was not an issue. There are very few options for parking. We encourage families to walk to school or park a few blocks away and walk. The Blue Zone was created to alleviate some of the traffic congestion. It works well when EVERYBODY follows the rules, even on rainy and snowy days.

    If your child is being picked up from kindergarten, you must meet your child outdoors at dismissal time. However, when you feel your child is ready, kindergartners can be dropped off in the blue zone and walk to the front door.

    The Blue Zone curb painted blue
    The Blue Zone is an option for children who can independently get into/out of the car on the curb side. Drivers should not leave their vehicle in the Blue Zone to assist children or load bikes or other materials. If your child needs assistance, the Blue Zone is not for you. There are only five available spaces. It is meant to be a moving line. Cars should not be stopped there for more than one minute. When a car stops there, the line cannot move. This is not a place for conversation or to make play dates. Cars parked in the blue zone create a potentially dangerous situation as other cars attempt to go around them to pick up children. You child should be waiting AT the curb if you are using the Blue Zone NOT coming out of the front door of the building. If your child is not waiting for you, please go around the block.

    Under no conditions should a child go between cars to a double parked car, walk in the street, or enter the car from the non-curb side.

    The Bus Zone-curb painted yellow in front of the school
    As the sign states, there is no stopping, parking or pick-up directly in front of the school in the bus zone. This area is marked with a painted yellow curb. When a car stops here, it disrupts the flow of traffic.

    Please show your respect to our neighbors by refraining from blocking their driveways.

    The ten minutes following dismissal create the greatest challenge of our school day. Please do your part by adhering to the traffic rules and sharing these rules with other drivers transporting your child. We all need to work together for the safety of our children.
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