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    Welcome to the Newton Public Schools!

    The mission of our Induction & Mentoring Program is to improve teaching and thus student learning by providing support, encouragement and guidance to teachers who are new to their positions in the Newton Public Schools. Our program provides opportunities for professional growth in a collegial, non-judgmental environment.

    The goals of our  Induction & Mentoring Program are:

          To provide confidential support to new teachers.

          To acclimate new teachers to Newton's core values of Excellence, Innovation, Respect, and Responsibility.

          To familiarize new teachers with curricula, support staff, materials and professional development opportunities.

          To enhance mentees' and mentors' professional skills through peer coaching, self-reflection and on-going professional development.

          To retain skilled, committed teachers who will provide continuity of high quality instruction.

          To support and and retain educators of color.

    Our program provides ongoing support and professional learning to new educators and their mentors. To the left of this page you will find some of our program resources.  Professional Learning Modules, Monthly Mentor and New Educator Memos, and other resources are available in our Mentoring and Induction Course on Schoology for members of the Newton Public Schools.  Please contact Alison Mulligan, if you have questions about our program or suggestions for improvement.