General Information

  • If your child is a 7th or 8th grader and is interested in participating in a varsity sport he/she should attend an informational meeting. These meetings are held during the last ten minutes of each lunch period on a specific date. Students are informed about this meeting through daily announcements and in the daily bulletin. If your child missed the informational meeting they can speak to the coach individually. If you have any questions, please email Katrina Antonellis ( 
    6th graders
    - Have the opportunity to participate in our Cross-Country Enricment Program (see website: Sports at Brown for more information).
    - Invitation only to participate in our 6th grade Spring Track Program. (see website: Sports at Brown for policy)

    It is the intent of athletic programs to provide opportunities for participation for as many students as possible. Budget constraints, safety concerns, and available facilities, however make a "no cut" policy difficult. Prior to the start of a season, coaches will advise parents and students of the try-out and participation policy for each sport. Every effort will be made to accommodate as many students as possible with regard to safety, playing time, and available facilities, but coaches may follow pre-established and announced cutting policies.

    The fostering of participation and sportsmanship, as well as the physical, emotional, and ethical development of a student in a competitive situation are emphasized. Inherent in this philosophy is the belief that winning is not the major goal of an athletic program. Coaches are encouraged to play every team member when game circumstances permit use of substitutions.
    Interscholastic Policies: Before and after school privileges may be suspended for lack of cooperation during classes. A student/athlete must participate in his/her daily classes in order to participate in our after school athletics program and clubs. 

    Important Notes:

    Click the Sports at Brown link for more information

    The only way to sign up for a sport is to register on FamilyID. Please register on FamilyID      
    Registration must be done for every season.

    Varsity Sports are a 4 day commitment (Everyday except Wednesdays) from 3:00pm-5:00pm

    There is a user fee for athletes who participate on a team. PLEASE DO NOT PAY THE FEE UNTIL YOUR CHILD HAS BEEN SELECTED AND PUT ON A TEAM ROSTER. The user fee amount per sport is $180.00. User fee can be paid online (see fee payment & waiver information).