Use of Playground Equipment

  • Conceived by Physical Education Teacher, Gary Nye

    * Sit to Slide - enjoy the ride!
    * Look before you go!
    * Go in one direction for your own protection.

    Track Rides
    * To glide is fun, but there's only room for one.
    * Look to each side before you glide.
    * Keep the platform clear when the person gliding is near.

    Rings Monkey Bars
    * Swing from ring-to-ring or bar-to-bar.
    * Hanging upside-down is a Double D, it could cause an injury.
    * Think twice before climbing on top of bars. Kids below won't be able to travel far.

    * To do the correct thing- sit and swing.
    * Jumping off the swing is a Double D. It could cause injury!
    * Keep a good look out when moving about!

    Tag Chase Games
    * When playing tag or chase games with your class, be sure to play them on grass.

    * Climbing outside the railing is a Double D as it can cause injury!

    Have fun and play safe!