Terrific Tips for Good Sports

  • From the Open Circle Social Competency Program, Janet Proctor, former School Social Worker and former Principal Eva Thompson, with support from the PTO Playground Committee who worked closely with staff and students to promote playground safety. The following guidelines were developed and posted on the fence near the playground for on-going reference by the entire Peirce community.

    You can't say you can't play!
    Don't exclude; it's rude!

    Use Build-ups not Put Downs;
    Give compliments; not frowns.

    Lead in a positive way
    Ask others to join in the play.
    Get things going - organize activities.

    When tough conflicts occur, be a problem solver.
    -Calm down,
    -Identify the problem.
    -What's a good ending?
    -Make a plan and go for it.

    Annoying behavior during play:
    Try to handle it this way:
    -Say, "I don't like it when _____ because ________.
    -Say what you want them to do instead.

    A clean space is a happy place.
    Throw your trash in the can.
    Keep our playground spic and span!

    Have fun!
    Play safe!