Health and Safety

  • Health

    Illness at School

    For your child’s welfare and for the protection of others, it is important to keep your child at home if he or she has:

    • A fever of over 100 degrees during the past 24hours
    • A cold in the active stages
    • A sore throat and/or swollen neck glands
    • An undiagnosed rash or skin eruptions
    • Vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours
    • Untreated Head Lice, see Karin for rule.

    School personnel assume the responsibility for determining whether your child should be sent home because of an illness commencing ward apple during school hours.

    Please do not send your child to school whenever you suspect a fever, rash, or other signs of illness.

    Since accidents can happen, the school secretary must have at least three local telephone numbers of neighbors or relatives in case you are not home in an emergency. These numbers must be on file in the school office on the emergency sheet.


    Every attempt should be made to give medication before or after school. If medications must be administered in the school or on authorized field trips, it will only be done under direct orders from a licensed physician and with the parent’s or guardian’s written permission. Forms are available in the health office for such requests. Medication must be brought to school in the original container provided by the pharmacist. No student is allowed to carry medication without written prior approval from the school nurse.

    The nurse has general and overall responsibility for the administration of medication and for the implementation of these procedures. Designated school personnel will administer certain medications to the student under the supervision of the school nurse.

    Emergency Sheets (yellow)

    Emergency sheets are mailed home to parents at the beginning of each school year. Parents are asked to give current home addresses and phone numbers, parents’ business addresses and phone numbers, and the names and phone numbers of three neighbors or relatives who can be called in the case of an accident or emergency should the school be unable to locate the parents. Permission of these people should be obtained prior to the use of their names. It is vital that this information be kept up to date and accurate. Parents should notify the school office in writing of any changes in this information (e.g. change of address, phone number, business, marital status, etc.) This information is confidential and will be used only by authorized school personnel.

    Food Policy

    Our school makes every effort to reduce the risk of life threatening allergic reaction caused by accidental allergen exposure during the day.

    Therefore, we have:
    • No food sharing or trading during snack or lunch
    • No food on the bus
    • No food for birthday celebrations
    • Limited use of food for classroom celebrations, and curriculum instructions

    Families will be notified if it is necessary to restrict particular foods, based on student needs in a classroom.

    Medical Records, Physical Examinations, Immunizations

    A medical record is kept for your child from kindergarten through grade 12. The State of Massachusetts requires a periodic examination of every school-age child. Newton complies with this regulation by requiring physical examinations in kindergarten and grade six, with at request for health update in grade 3. These examinations should be made by your private physician. You are required to have him/her complete the medical form provided and return it to the school. If you are unable to fulfill this requirement, i.e. no physician or health insurance, special arrangements can be made by contacting your school nurse. Medical update forms are to be completed for grades three and nine.

    By state law, every child attending public school must be immunized against diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, polio myelitis, measles, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, and Hepatitis B or otherwise risk exclusion from school. Documentation of these immunizations must be present upon entry to school.

    Hearing tests are mandated for all children in grades K through 3. Vision testing is mandated for students in grades K thru 5. Other grades may be tested upon review. Testing is done by the school nurse. Parents are notified of any problems. Parents concerned about a child’s vision or hearing should inform the school nurse and the child will be tested appropriately.

    A screening program to detect scoliosis (curvature of the spine) is conducted yearly for all fifth through ninth grade students. Parents are notified of any concerns. Height and weight measurements are done in grades K, 1, 3, and 4. School nurses graph these measurements as indicators of growth and development. Parents are notified of anything unusual.

    Children entering kindergarten must have documentation of having been tested for lead poisoning at least once in their lifetime.


    Absences and Tardiness - Childwatch

    If your child is going to be late or absent, you must call the school's Childwatch Line at 617.559.6470. After the recording, leave child's name, day and date of absence, and teacher. You may call the day before or prior to 8:25 AM on the day of absence.


    Students are permitted to ride their bikes to school as long as they have permission from their parent(s)/guardian and have participated in the Bike Safety Program. Helmets must be worn. There is a bike rack available in the field for locking bikes.

    Bicycle Safety Program

    The bicycle safety program is run by the Newton Police Department with the PE teacher and parents to help students learn the fundamentals of safely riding bicycles on the busy streets of Newton. With the cooperation of the physical education staff, the PTO, and interested parents, in the spring third grade students take an escorted ride to practice safe riding techniques.

    Building Security

    In order to facilitate greater control over the accessibility to the school, all doors other than the front entrance remain locked throughout the day until dismissal. All students and parents who arrive later than 8:25 must enter the school through the front door and report to the office. Tardy students must sign in.

    Bus Evacuation Drills

    The Bus Evacuation Program, which teaches children how to quickly evacuate a bus in case of emergency, is required by state law and is held twice a year.

    Crossing Guard Coverage

    Crossing guards are on duty for thirty minutes before the start of the school day and thirty minutes after the close of the regular school day at the major intersections listed below. Parents should instruct students to walk to and from school during these times. To report a crossing guard absence call 617.796.2106
    1. Where crossing guards are stationed, no child is to step off a curb until told to by the crossing guard on duty.
    2. Crossing guards have the authority to hold back automobile traffic (even though the light for cars may be green) to allow more time for children to cross the street.
    3. The safety of our children depends on everyone respecting the authority of the crossing guards.

    There are crossing guards on duty at the following locations:
    Hammond St. and Commonwealth Ave.
    Ward St and Waverly Ave.
    Cotton St. and Waverly Ave.


    Evacuation drills are held once a month. Children are taught emergency procedures for safe evacuation from the school.

    Evacuation Site

    In the event of an emergency, our evacuation site is Temple Emmanuel on Ward Street. If we need to relocate, the principal and PTO will activate the emergency phone chain to notify parents.

    Handicap Access and Parking

    A space marked HP is available in the school parking lot. There is a path from the parking lot to the gym entrance.


    Parking is permitted on Dolphin Road, but be aware of the signs. Obey all signs on the left side of Dolphin Road. Vehicles parked in live parking should always have the driver present. Under no circumstances should vehicles be left unattended in the live parking zone. Please do not use the school parking lot during school hours. In the evening, the school parking lot is available, and the back door remains open until 6 p.m.

    Playground Safety Rules

    In an effort to maintain a safe and orderly atmosphere, the staff has generated the following list of rules. These rules are a result of hours of observation and much discussion. It is our expectation that students will observe these rules whenever they play on the playground. When you are on the playground with your children we ask that you reinforce these rules as well. It is our hope that by adhering to these safety precautions, students will have a comfortable and enjoyable experience when using the playground.

    • When using the slide you must sit down and go down only.
    • Students should wait until the area below the slide is clear before starting their turn.
    • Do not climb over any railings of the structure.
    • Use two hands on the track ride at all times.
    • Do not attempt to jump out and grab the "T-shaped" handhold on the track ride.
    • Only one person may use each track ride at a time.
    • When using the track ride, do not hang upside down.
    • There is no playing of tag on the playground (wood carpet area).
    • Do not jump off of high pieces of equipment.
    • Do not throw rocks, sand, or sticks.
    • Do not break limbs or branches from trees.
    • Do not dig holes in the bark mulch.
    • Be patient and wait your turn.
    • Stay in control of your body.
    • Use common sense.

    *Football, baseball, and soccer games should be played in the large field under close supervision

    Swing Safety

    • Do not stand on the swings.
    • Do not jump off the swing when it is still in motion.
    • Only one person on a swing at a time.

    Traffic Safety Rules

    Because of the narrow streets and high volume of traffic during the "drop off and pick up" times, traffic safety is everyone's responsibility. Please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure the safety of all students:

    Pick Up/Drop Off

    The BLUE ZONE is designated for dropping off and picking up students. It is intended to be a moving lane. Any motor vehicle may stop in this location up to one minute to let a child exit or enter the vehicle. The zone is marked by both BLUE signs and a bright BLUE painted curb. If you plan to use the BLUE ZONE, please arrange for your child to meet you there. If your child is not there when you arrive, you must circle the block.

    Parking or stopping next to the yellow curb in front of the school is prohibited. This is for busses only.

    Do not pull into the driveway of the school parking lot.

    Rainy and snowy days pose a special problem. Parents are requested to exercise extreme caution in front of the school during arrival and dismissal times. Double parking is not permitted. For their safety, children should only enter and exit cars directly from the curb.