• Homework Expectations

    Rationale: The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills learned at school by providing practice at home. This helps families understand the learning that’s happening in school. In addition, homework helps students learn routines at home to be responsible students and develop time management skills.


    Time Allotments & Types of Homework : The time allotted will increase gradually from grade to grade. The guidelines below should remain flexible. Individual differences among children may be taken into considerations by families and teachers.


    Grade Level

    Daily Expectations


    • Read to child approximately 15 minutes a night
    • Interact with child, converse about work that is sent home and information in newsletters

    First grade

    • 25 minutes total (including 10 minutes of reading)
    • Literacy academic choice weekly packets (adult initialed)
    • Math & science HW as needed

    Second grade

    • 30 minutes total (including 20 minutes of reading)
    • Literacy and math academic choice weekly packets (adult initialed)

    Third grade

    • 40-50 minutes total (including 20 minutes of reading)
    • Reading and Math Log
    • Weekly spelling, reading responses and choice of selection

    Fourth grade

    • 50-60 minutes total (including 30 minutes of reading)
    • Literacy and Math nightly HW
    • Projects-book reports (2 per year)

    Fifth grade

    • 60 minutes total (including 30 minutes of reading)
    • Mixture of daily/ weekly/ long-term assignments




    • Aim High- show effective effort and attempt challenges
    • Work Hard- complete it as independently as possible
    • Think First- hand-in work you are proud of and communicate with teacher if it is unfinished or missing
    • Be Flexible- try first and persevere even if it’s hard
    • Be Kind- take care of self and be kind if others need help


    • Create and establish homework routines (time, place, etc.) and help student with time management/ weekly planning
    • Allow child to work as independently as possible
    • Communicate to teacher if child needs extra support or if they are unable to complete homework (either email or a note)
    • Know your students homework expectations (from Curriculum Night, School website, emails, etc.)


    • Communicate homework expectations to students and parents
    • Assign homework that reinforces and practices already taught skills
    • Modify homework for individual students


    Vacation Homework: If your child will miss school for a significant amount of time, please let the teacher know before you leave. However, please be aware that teachers cannot accommodate requests for homework in advance. Missed homework will need to be made up upon return.


    Updated Homework Policy 2018